Topeka Capital


Our firm represents individuals, small businesses, family farmers, banks and commercial clients in bankruptcy proceedings in Kansas federal courts. The firm has expertise in all areas of bankruptcy law, including Chapter 7 liquidations, Chapter 13 consumer and business reorganizations, Chapter 12 family farm bankruptcies, and Chapter 11 cases involving both large and small businesses.

A primary focus for the firm is individual bankruptcy filings. Recent changes in the law do not prevent individuals from filing bankruptcy, but the new code requirements do impose a complex set of hurdles to a successful financial rehabilitation. This requires competent professional assistance to preserve your rights. While we specialize in complex cases involving individual debtors, we strive to make sure every client gets the personal, individual attention necessary to complete their case as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Reorganizations for farmers and businesses present a unique set of challenges for the client trying to preserve the assets and good name of an enterprise they have worked their whole lives to create. Our knowledge of the day to day operations of a farm, the intricacies of secured transactions, and our mastery of bankruptcy procedure allow us to aid in the restoration of the business and property of our clients.

The firm also has extensive experience representing individuals, banks and other creditors in bankruptcy proceedings. Creditors in bankruptcy cases must move aggressively to preserve secured property, and to ensure that their rights against debtors are not lost.

To learn more about the bankruptcy process, start here: Bankruptcy Basics.