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Stumbo Hanson, LLP

Stumbo Hanson, LLP is a full service law firm dedicated to serving individuals, municipal governments and businesses throughout the state of Kansas. We offer a wide range of services, focusing on some core areas of expertise: Bankruptcy, Municipal Law, General Business Law, Estate Planning & Probate and Appellate Representation.

History of Stumbo Hanson, LLP

Walter G. Stumbo started the practice of law in the midst of the Great Depression. Beginning in downtown Topeka, he built his practice based upon quality representation and building personal relationships with clients and other attorneys. In 1966 Walter joined with his son John to create the partnership Stumbo & Stumbo. The partnership continued in various forms until 1986, when Gary Hanson and Larry Hendricks joined with John Stumbo to establish Stumbo, Hanson and Hendricks, LLP. Tom Barnes and Todd Luckman became partners in the law firm in 2003. In March 2007, after more than twenty years with the firm, Larry Hendricks was appointed to a judgeship with the Shawnee County District Court, and the firm became Stumbo Hanson, LLP. A year and a half later his son, Lee Hendricks, became a partner in the firm. Although the firm name has changed over the years, we have maintained our commitment to providing affordable, ethical and personal representation to both our long-established clients, and the new clients we meet every day.